Safe, Fast and Reliable Cars Transportation with TMShipping
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Safe, Fast and Reliable Cars Transportation with TMShipping

Looking for a safe, fast and reliable cars transportation?

Then feel free to contact TMShipping. We have been working in this area for more than one year, we employ exclusively professional drivers and we guarantee the safety, quality of delivery of cars of any class across country:

There are two main types of cars transporters – closed and open.

Open carriers are the most popular and cheapest way of car transport, as it involves the transportation of several vehicles at once. But at the same time, it guarantees high-quality and timely execution of the order.

Closed transport is mainly used for very expensive cars or old and rare ones. This type of transportation has a much higher level of protection of the cargo from moisture, dust and other debris. Delivery in closed transportations is more expensive. However, these costs are justified – they provide an opportunity not only to protect the car, but also to hide the car from prying eyes.

For the convenience of our clients, we offer different types of delivery.

Delivery to the terminal. We have a network of terminals. The consultants will inform you about their placement and you can choose the most convenient option. The delivery method assumes that you pick up your vehicle from there.

Personal delivery directly to your home. In this case, the driver of our company delivers the car to you at the specified address. This service will cost more than delivery to the terminal. With it, you do not have to waste your time traveling to the terminal and waiting for the arrival of the cargo.

Careful and reliable selection of employees allows us to take on the transportation of luxury cars. We are not afraid of responsibility for them, since we have experience in such transportation and are confident in the quality and accuracy of delivery. Also, for greater peace of mind of the client, there is the possibility of ordering the loading of the car first, in
order to minimize the number of loads and unloads during the work, if we talk about open transportation.

One of the advantages of our company is accurate tracking of delivery. We inform the client several times a day about the location of his cars for transporting by sending notifications by email or phone. Also, the client can always contact the driver and personally find out about the location of his car.

There are no random people in our company. We work exclusively with professionals in their field who have extensive experience in the field of transportation of auto cargo. We guarantee the delivery of the car safe and sound within the specified period. We prepare all the necessary documents and provide a guarantee.

We do not charge an additional fee for insurance, as its availability is automatically included in the service. We cooperate only with those carriers who already have insurance available, therefore all actions and procedures are performed exclusively in accordance with existing norms and laws.

Our company is trying to do everything possible to make it comfortable and productive to work with us. That is why we created a claims department in case any controversial issues arise.

Continuous improvement of service, provides maximum comfort to our customers. We always try to offer several options for solving the same problem. For example, you can find out the cost of transporting autos in two ways – by phone or on the website. To do this, contact our support or use the online calculator. It is enough to enter the car options, the destination and you will find out the exact price of services.

If you are interested in transporting auto, you can always contact our support, find out the details and calculate the exact price using a special calculator. We are in touch around the clock.