• Guide to Making Money with Reseller Hosting
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    Guide to Making Money with Reseller Hosting

    Reseller Hosting offers an opportunity for professionals to make money by selling web hosting plans to customers. If you are a web designing professional or a developer or a graphic designer who helps people with their websites, then you can add web hosting services to your list and make some additional money in the process. In this article, we will talk about things that you need to know as a hosting reseller and earn regular income.

    Before we begin, let’s understand some basics:

    What is Reseller Hosting?

    Reseller Hosting, as the name suggests, is a hosting plan which allows you to purchase bandwidth and space from a hosting company in bulk and then sell to clients in smaller packets. Think about it like renting an entire apartment building and then leasing out individual apartments to different tenants. In order to do so, you need to purchase a Reseller Hosting plan from a web host.

    Advantages of Reseller Hosting

    • If you are a professional who offers website-related services, then Reseller Hosting allows you to add web hosting to your list making you a one-stop-shop for all their website needs.
    • You can create your own brand and customize the hosting plans to suit the requirements of your customers. Further, you can set-up as well as manage the backend of the websites and emails as well (at a charge, of course).
    • You can start small and keep adding resources as your client base grows.
    • The web host takes care of all the server management tasks and keeps you free to focus on growing your business.
    • People don’t change web hosts unless it is absolutely essential. Therefore, if you provide good services, then you will have a passive income for a long time.

    Inclusions of a Reseller Hosting package

    • Disk space
    • Bandwidth
    • Domain hosting (limited or unlimited)
    • White label branding
    • Control Panel
    • Customization and management tools
    • Security tools
    • 24x7x365 support

    Before you offer Reseller Hosting

    Here are some things that you must consider before offering web hosting to customers:

    1. Select the right hosting plan for every client
    2. Create a range of packages to meet the varying requirements of your targeted customers
    3. Start small and upgrade as you develop a client base
    4. Do not oversell assuming that your clients will not fully utilize the hosting plan
    5. Always keep around one-third of your disk space free for fulfilling the additional space requirements of
  • What Type of Services Should You Expect From Your Web Host?
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    What Type of Services Should You Expect From Your Web Host?

    It has become quite a popular trend to start online businesses; in fact, it’s a great way to generate income that many people have steered away from their regular day to day jobs so that they can focus on an online career. If you’re someone looking to do this as well, then start your business on the right foot by securing yourself with a good web hosting company. There are too many companies out there today, that it can be quite tough to know which are the good ones that are dedicated to their customers and which are just trying to make some quick money. To know for sure, know what type of service you should expect from your web host so that you don’t make the wrong choice.

    Check the server uptime first, it’s vital that your clients can reach your site as an when they want, which pretty much means 24 hours, 7 days a week. In order to provide that kind of service, you need to pick a hosting provider that offers about 99.5% uptime and nothing less. All websites are subjected to downtime for maintenance and system upgrading, so no site can have a 100% uptime. So while no company can give you perfect uptime, they can make sure that it has a downtime of just a few minutes a day and not for hours. A person who’s new to the online world can very easily assume that if your site is inaccessible, then it’s closed for business and scratch you off the list, moving on another company for business.

    Besides that, the server maintenance is important as well. With the way, technology takes a spin each and every day, computer users have to keep up with constant changes and so do you. when you run a business, you need to make sure that your site has got the latest technology and is not left behind. This would mean that you should go with a company that is currently using the latest software available, so check it out yourself. If they have taken the time and trouble to upgrade their system to be on par with the latest technology then it’s definitely a plus.

    Next, there is also protection, you should look into the anti-virus and firewall protection that is offered. A good web hosting provider should take great pride in their virus and malware protection …

  • The Top 5 Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Public Speaking
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    The Top 5 Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Public Speaking

    If you don’t know about it – Don’t Talk About It

    For some odd reason, I had always thought that if someone invited me to offer a keynote address on a particular topic, I needed to be an expert on the entire field surrounding the focus of my presentation. I don’t care if we are talking about a 5-minute presentation to a group of ten people or a four-hour educational seminar to over 250 folks. I have given hundreds of presentations to audiences from 5 folks to over 500. If there is ONE thing that rings true – it’s this: Don’t Speak Out of School! Just because you may have 20 years of experience in a particular field, doesn’t mean you know a darn thing about the latest technology associated with it. People don’t want to hear what you don’t know; they don’t want to watch you fail (no matter how much you may doubt yourself.) They want to learn something from you. They want to you succeed and teach them and find the time they have invested in listening to you to be of value – to talk about what you DO know. There is NO faster way to lose credibility with an audience than to make uninformed commentary, period. There are plenty of methods available to speak around those points, address them and then move on.


    There is something to be said about the rule of 7. If you have not run completely through your material, from how you enter the room, to how you set down your attach? to the moment you are introduced, to which opening words you choose, and if you cannot do it all by heart you are not prepared. Your focus should NEVER be on remembering what your message is. You should have already memorized and internalized your content before you attempt to speak in front of anyone! Instead, your focus should be on delivering your message. It never hurts to review your content one additional time. When you “think” you know it, you don’t. When you “know” that you know it – you are ready to work on your presentation style.

    Your Body Can Betray You

    How are you sitting in your chair right this very moment while reading this? Are your shoulders back? Are you sitting up straight? Have you ever found yourself in a conversation where you know for …

  • Technology Blogs to Help You Make Educated Buying Decisions
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    Technology Blogs to Help You Make Educated Buying Decisions

    It is now an undeniable fact that the internet has become the ultimate source for information of almost anything under the sun. You name it and the web has it. Normally you would ask people for some inquiries but the knowledge of the people around you may not satisfy the question that you have in mind. So the internet has become the ultimate source for answers to a wide variety of questions from people from all walks of life.

    Before when you want to buy something you ask people about certain products to help you choose the best product to buy. Somehow it would work if you’re just asking about common items such soaps, shampoos and etc. But the problem is when you buy higher items such as laptops, cars, iPods and other technological devices that are high – end. Where would you turn to ask? The answer would be the internet, on the net, you can find technological blogs to help you choose which technological items to buy. These are comments and insights of people from all over the world who have bought and used the products you plan to buy. So it’s like having a community of people who understands what you are looking for and where you can find them. The technological blogs in the net are so multi-faceted, it contains forums and chats blogs having topics of all kinds of high-tech stuff, just type in some keywords in some search engines then presto you will find some decent blogs that can answer your queries. You can obtain some very helpful insights which can help you make educated buying decisions. You will get to know the disadvantages and advantages, and also the limitations and potentials of certain products in the market. This will help you choose which items suites your lifestyle needs.

    But one word of caution, in some of these blogs there might be some false information that is being posted, one technique is that you have to be keen in observing whether some of the blogs are true or not, try to see the truth behind the blogs that you are reading, for not all bloggers in the net provide accurate information and some of them might just mislead you. But despite this fact, it is a reality that your best source is still technological blogs from the net.

    So before you buy anything, make …

  • How To Make Your Blog Reach To A Nice Amount Of Readers
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    How To Make Your Blog Reach To A Nice Amount Of Readers

    You are fascinated by any of thing in this world and you decided to write blogs on that particular thing you think that you can write good stuff on that thing. You really want to explore the Blog writing and you think that you have that potential to write something which will be very useful for people and you can influence people through your writing but it has been a while since you have started writing blogs but there aren’t many people who have read your blog and thing drives you crazy and you go in a self-doubt scenario where you have started to think that do you really write well? You really do not need to panic in this situation because there can be many other ways that you are not been able to reach to a nice number of readers. If you write some good blogs about a particular topic and you are still not able to reach out to many people then it doesn’t really mean that you cannot write good stuff sometimes what you need to know that how you can make your blogs reach out to more number of people

    What Are Things Which Lacks In Your Blog Writing By Which You Are Not Reaching Good Audience

    There can be many things because of which your blogs are not reaching a good amount of reader like may be the platform where you are writing the blogs do not have many readers on that and it can be the reason of not many people reading your blog. For this thing, you have to find a platform which has a good amount of Blog readers on it. When you are writing on some topic then it is possible that most of the people are not interested in reading a blog on that kind of topic. The opening page of your blog should be interesting because sometimes people do not open a blog which does not have an interesting opening page.

    Tips For A Better Blog Writing

    If you as a Blog writer want your blogs to reach out to many people there are things which you can follow to make your blogs reach a good amount of readers. The first thing you can do is to write on a topic which is quite interesting towards a specific group of people which means a particular group of people …