A Modern Twist to an Old Recipe for Innovative Web Design and Development
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A Modern Twist to an Old Recipe for Innovative Web Design and Development

Below are some tips for achieving innovation and perfection in the art of design and Website Development

1. The Major Ingredients for Innovations in Website Design and Development

With rapid changes in the technology arena, a host of new technologies are coming up. Essentially languages and Platforms like HTML 5, CSS, PHP, Jquery, AJAX, Flex are required to make some innovative changes in the existing Web Development techniques. Good knowledge of these platforms with an urge to explore is required to make the perfect website

2. Right Technologies for the Right Client Requirement

Like with every good recipe, all ingredients should be as per the taste (read as Client Requirement). If a Website Design does not suit the client needs, it fails to meet its purpose.

For Example, A Jeweler’s Website would require a Flash/Flex based interface to present the jewelry pieces and easy navigation for the user to make online purchases. Lots of text, however brilliant the copy maybe would be considered irrelevant here.

Similarly, an e-commerce website would require continuous updates about the products, a clean design, active payment gateway, and ease of upload of products/prices. Unnecessary presentation elements would hamper the focused shopper, who is here to shop for the required items.

Therefore the discretion to use the right amount of text and visual, but has a consultation with the client.

3. Presentation is very Important: Looks Nice, Will Work Nice

Like for an appetizing dish, the garnishing is very important, so is for a great website, the presentation is extremely important but in sync with the new technologies and as per the requirement of the intended user base.JQuery enabled Sideshows, Flash Galleries, and a balanced color palette, all are important for enhanced customer experience.

4. Not Just about Text and Images: Innovation Asks for more

Today’s Users are done with vanilla websites, they ask for a complete package in the form of a one-stop shop for all their needs. The website should have a host of utilities like Live Chat, Social Media Tools like (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc),payment gateway for online shopping, Discussion Boards, Virtual Tours. These are required to keep the user hooked on to your site. A lot more condiments than just salt and pepper would be required to mark your presence on the web.

5. A lot more than just the Web: Presence on Mobile Platforms

The most innovations in the Website Design and Development is also due to the plethora of Mobile devices in the market. Your mere presence on the web is not enough. Technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 for the mobile platforms will help you be closer to your user base.

6. It’s not just about Marketing: It’s About the Passion for Web Technologies

Use of technology development of cutting-edge design, most centered on the user, the most interesting content can make your web site as a marketing tool is perfect, but if you want the user back to your site and refer any further, you have to work with dedication and genuine love for technology which will exceed the limits of design and development are set to give you the best in design and technology Innovative web.

The real difference between a good web site and the web site is remarkable is the desire owned Designers and Developers site to trade.